About Us

Intertechne is a company specialized in Consulting, Engineering Projects and Construction Management of:

  • Hydroelectric Power Projects
  • Dams
  • Metro
  • Airports
  • Oil and Gas
  • Ports
  • Railroads
  • Other infrastructure works

In the various fields it works in, we carries out feasibility studies, basic and detailed designs and construction management, through of multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience.

Headquartered in Curitiba, with branches in Brazil, strategically located close to clients and construction sites.

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for all the different stages and areas of engineering projects we are involved in through commitment to our clients’ performance.

Management Policy


INTERTECHNE, a Brazilian company with international operations, specialized in consulting and engineering services, in its mission and purposes, associated with the significance of the compatibility of social and economic development with the proper operations improvement, environment conservation, healthcare promotion and control of occupational risks, has established an integrated policy with the general provisions described as follows:

  • To efficiently serve its customers;
  • To promote the continuing improvement of its processes;
  • To provide resources for the use of up-to-date technologies;
  • To meet the applicable laws and further requirements applicable to its activities;
  • To minimize the environmental impacts arising from the activities developed around its facilities, particularly the waste generation, in order to control and prevent pollution; and
  • To promote proper health and safety conditions for its employees, third parties and visitors, particularly the exposure to biological agents and ergonomics, by preventing and minimizing the work environment risks.

The values and principles guiding the anti-corruption policy are outlined through the following premises:

  • The company must define clear rules in consistency with its social responsibility and relationship with customers and Third Parties.
  • Comply with the law, either domestic or from the country it is operating.
  • Correctly relate to customers and Third Parties, prohibiting passive and/or active corruption by receiving and offering any advantages of any nature other than those concerning the strict compliance with their contractual obligations.
  • The company's actions and decisions must be fair and comprise the good corporate governance practices.
  • No employee will be punished or penalized for delay or loss of any business as a result of their refusal to pay or receive bribery. Complying with instructions from customers, Third Parties or employees, officers and directors, conflicting or ignoring the conditions established in this Ethics and Compliance Manual or in the applicable/effective laws, is prohibited.
  • Improper, ambiguous or fraudulent accounting entries and any other procedure that may conceal or otherwise cover up illegal payments are not accepted or permitted.
  • Each of the employees, officers and directors of the company is required to act with dignity, ethics and compliance with the laws while performing their professional activities, as well as in their daily life as citizens.
  • The company, its employees, officers and directors must promote welfare by acting with no prejudice and discrimination of any nature, such as: politics, economy, social, religion, race, nationality, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, among others.



Consulting services, studies and design of engineering and environmental projects in all stages of development, including the commissioning of facilities, supervision, management and support services for the implementation of projects in the sectors of: water and energy; oil and gas; and infrastructure.

Organizational Structure and Officers Board

Board of Directors

  • Kamal Fouad Sobhy Kamel – Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Heino Uwe Schmider – Member of the Board of Directors
  • Cynthia Pinheiro Machado – Member of the Board of Directors
  • Jorge Campiteli Ferreira – Member of the Board of Directors
  • Mark Stefan Schmider – Member of the Board of Directors

Top Management

  • Lourenço J. N. Babá – CEO
  • Luiz Fernando C. Teixeira – Financial and Administrative Director
  • Paulo C. Akashi – Director Business and Market
  • Beatriz M. P. Machado – Operations Director of Infraestructure
  • José Franco P. Machado – Director of Water and Energy Business Unit
  • Carlos Infante C. Teixeira – Director of the Oil and Gas Business Unit
  • Roberto E. Bertol – Technical Director of Water and Energy
  • Flávia V. T. Albertoni – Director of Infraestructure Business Unit
  • Francisco Vilas Boas – Technical Director of Oil and Gas



Surge a Intertechne, atuando no mercado de obras hidráulicas e geração de energia


Inicia em um empreendimento emblemático: UHE Salto Caxias. Consquita primeiro contrato internacional: UHE Pichi Picun Leufu, na Argentina


Amplia seu ramo de atuação com o projeto da Estação Paulista – Metrô de São Paulo


Certificada com ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e OHSAS 18001


Inicia atuação na maior obra de hidroenergia em construção no Brasil: UHE Belo Monte


Entrada em projetos no setor de Óleo e Gás


Atuação no Reator Nuclear Multipropósito Brasileiro (RMB) e na expansão do Aeroporto de Viracopos


Definida em unidades de negócio: Água e Energia, Infraestrutura e Óleo & Gás

Sistechne - Intertechne Sistemas

Sistechne is a partner company of Intertechne and has been supplying a range of equipment for power stations, substations, industrial facilities and infrastructure projects for over 10 years as part of technically appropriate, environmentally responsible solutions delivered in a transparent management process to agreed timescales. Find out more: www.sistechne.com.br