The company’s business, through its employees, directors, board members and third parties, must comply with legislation and ethics, with total transparency from everyone. INTERTECHNE’s Ethics and Compliance Manual describes the principles that constitute a common overview of behaviors and attitudes that should guide: how to interact with employees, shareholders, customers, stakeholders, third parties and the community and how to do business and serve customers and the community where INTERTECHNE operates. These principles must be part of all INTERTECHNE’s commercial decisions to guarantee its reputation, granting it with respect, credibility and prestige.

The communication channels available for possible complaints are through the email or even with an anonymous letter addressed to the company’s headquarters (Curitiba).

“We share our values and principles, with employees, directors, advisors and suppliers on the main guidelines that guide their relations, in order to always meet the rules of conduct defined in our Compliance Manual”.

Fernando Azevedo
Administrative Manager

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