Intertechne´s founders left us as a legacy the importance of determination to overcome challenges and commitment to the delivery of innovative technical solutions. Today we are a team of more than 400 professionals passionate about engineering. And to ensure excellence in all of our areas of operation, we have specific boards for 3 business units (energy, oil & gas and infrastructure).

Lourenço Babá

Chief Executive Officer

Lourenço Babá is our CEO. Civil engineer with specialization in Geotechnics, Babá has worked at Intertechne for almost 25 years and is responsible for the management of Intertechne. His greatest role is to ensure that the company is increasingly competitive in the engineering world. Babá has a careful, restless look and, most importantly: he has the necessary humility not to cling to the achievements of the past, because he knows that our future will be built through innovation and also by the passion of our teams to do the best.

In addition to leading a series of strategic initiatives, Babá shares his experience by providing internal technical consultancy in geotechnics and other engineering disciplines, as a way to contribute to employees within his specialty.

Babá does everything so that Intertechne is always recognized as a company of excellence in consultative engineering. “Our efforts have been increasingly focused on increasing Intertechne’s current recognition for its creativity, agility and excellence in engineering projects and services, in general, of the most varied sizes in the national and international market. We have the technical and intellectual capacity to find the best solutions for our customers through a personalized consultancy”, concludes Lourenço Babá.

José Pinheiro Machado

Water & Energy Unit´s Director

Director of the Water and Energy Unit, an area in which Intertechne is highly recognized in the market, José Pinheiro joined Intertechne in his first job, in 1989, and is with us today.

With a degree in Civil Engineering from the Federal University of Paraná, and specializations in business administration and Energy Management from ISAE/FGV and Hydraulic Engineering from UFPR, Pinheiro has strong experience in International Business Development, closely monitoring large hydroelectric works in Brazil and abroad.

The search for the increasing deployment of renewable energies is also one of Pinheiro’s priorities, who believes that this is the way to build the future of energy production.

Beatriz Mulinari

Infrastructure Unit´s Director

This is Beatriz Mulinari, director of the Infrastructure business unit here at Intertechne.

Graduated in Civil Engineering, Beatriz has been at Intertechne since 2007, when she started to act as project manager at the company and, soon after in 2010, she became part of the Infrastructure segment, assuming the Operations Superintendence.

The infrastructure area at Intertechne started with the project for São Paulo Metro works. Today the company is strongly recognized in this segment and has in its portfolio projects for the renovation and expansion of most of the concessioned airports in Brazil, such as the expansion of the Rio de Janeiro International Airport – RioGaleão, which even received the Internacional ENR Award  – 2017, offered by Engineering News magazine.

Carlos A. Infante

Business Development´s Director

Carlos Infante Teixeira, is a civil engineer graduated from UFPR, and an employee at Intertechne since 1994. In 2015, he became responsible for the Management of the Oil & Gas Unit of Intertechne, incorporating a long history of relevant projects and diversified scopes, carried out for Oil Operators such as PETROBRAS and PETRORIO; for businesses: Petrochemicals such as BRASKEM; refineries like REFIT; as well as for prominent companies in the segment such as: Ocyan, Kaefer, Wood Group, VIVIX, UTC, among others important in the segment in Brazil.

With a large team dedicated to O&G located in the company’s offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Macaé, the O&G´s BU is structured to operate in the Onshore and Offshore areas throughout Brazil.

Paulo Akashi

Chief Executive Officer

Paulo Akashi is our CEO. Civil Engineer with an MBA in Investment Projects – feasibility, implementation and operation and in energy management, Akashi has worked at Intertechne for 13 years and is responsible for the management of Intertechne.

We have a very special legacy left by the founding partners that needs to be preserved. Perhaps the biggest one is the importance of people in an engineering company like ours and this is certainly not going to change in my management. People will continue to be our driving force, but we also need to permanently reinvent ourselves in our management processes and in the technologies used, because that is the only way we will make Intertechne an increasingly competitive company in the global engineering scenario”, comments Akashi.

Among the objectives of Paulo Akashi are the continuous increase in the recognition of Intertechne as a company of excellence in consultative engineering and investments in cutting-edge technologies in order to increase the performance of the solutions developed.

Francisco Vilas Boas

Oil & Gas Unit´s Director

Intertechne´s employee for 9 years, Francisco Vilas Boas is the director of the Oil & Gas business unit.

With a degree in Electrical Engineering, a specialization in Energy Quality and an MBA in project management, Francisco began his career at the company in the Oil & Gas technical board, participating in contract management, in the preparation of proposals, negotiations and formation of the unit´s technical team.

The Oil & Gas segment is relatively new, but it already has important clients such as Petrobras and PetroRio, Braskem, large refineries such as REFIT and other prominent companies in the segment such as Ocyan, Kaefer, Wood Group, VIVIX and UTC.

With a team dedicated to O&G located in the company’s offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Macaé, Intertechne is structured to operate in the Onshore and Offshore areas throughout Brazil.

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