Our business conduct is based on values that have been built over more than 30 years of history, and that reflect our commitment to ethics and transparency.

All the deals we conduct are done in accordance with the best corporate governance practices. We have clear compliance policies to prevent and combat all forms of corruption in the countries where we operate.

We share our values and principles, with employees, directors, advisors and suppliers on the main guidelines that guide their relations, in order to always meet the rules of conduct defined in our Compliance Manual.

General Management Policies

Serving our customers effectively

Promoting continuous process improvement

Providing resources for the use of updated technologies

Meeting the relevant legislation and other requirements applicable to our activities

Minimizing the environmental impacts resulting from the activities carried out at its facilities, especially waste generation, in order to control and prevent pollution

Promoting appropriate conditions for the health and safety of its employees, third parties and visitors, in particular exposure to biological agents and ergonomics, through the prevention, consultation and participation of workers, seeking to eliminate and reduce the risks of the work environment

Anti-corruption guide

The company must define clear rules, consistent with its social responsibility and its relationship with customers and third parties.

Comply with the legislation, both nationally and in the country in which it is operating.

Properly relate to customers and third parties, prohibiting passive and/or active corruption, by receiving or offering advantages, of any nature, outside the strict fulfillment of their contractual obligations.

The company’s actions and decisions must be fair and include good corporate governance practices.

No employee will be punished or penalized for delay or loss of any business as a result of his refusal to pay or receive a bribe. It is forbidden to provide assistance and instructions to customers, third parties, or employees, officers and directors, who conflict or ignore the conditions established in the Ethics and Compliance Manual or in the applicable/current legislation.

Inappropriate, ambiguous or fraudulent accounting entries and any other procedure that may conceal or, in any way, cover illegal payments are not accepted or permitted.

Each of the company’s employees, officers and directtos has the obligation and the duty to act with dignity, ethics and respect for the law, in the performance of professional activities and in life as a citizen.

The company, its employees, officers and directors must promote the good by acting without prejudice and discrimination of any kind, such as: political, economic, social, religious, race, nationality, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, among others.

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