Intertechne is an engineering company that has always had innovation at the heart of its strategy. 20 years ago, we already worked with 3D modeling technologies in our projects and today we use the BIM (Building Information Modeling) system to ensure precise control over all variables and interfaces of engineering and construction disciplines. In this way, we manage with high assertiveness not only the project processes, but the entire life cycle of the work. With the BIM model, we help our customers to reduce operating and management costs.

“We are fully convinced that the success of our initiatives in the middle of the digital age lies in our ability to reinvent our processes, our way of managing. Therefore, we created an innovation platform with the objective of challenging our teams to identify new market niches, testing new technologies and management practices, in order to develop cutting edge solutions, after all, our goal is very clear: we want to generate increasingly sustainable and economical works for our customers”.

Paulo Akashi

BIM e Outras tecnologias 2D e 3D Smart Plant

In our industrial projects such as oil platforms and refineries, we use 2D and 3D Smart Plant tools. In this way, we were able to centralize data and graphic information in a database, which helps us to guarantee the quality of the information used and also the overall levels of productivity of the projects.  And for topographic surveys we use the most modern technologies of Laser Scanner ED, which allow speed and precision in the generation of three-dimensional models.

Intertechne BIM

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