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Intertechne uses BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology in the various infrastructure segments, which through 3D computational modeling allows the integration of all areas involved in the project in a coordinated way, resulting in process improvement – offering more visibility, better decision making, more sustainable options and cost savings in projects. 


Main Software Used

Digital Solutions

Point Cloud – INTERTECHNE uses laser scanning technology for static surveys, carried out by professionals with solid experience in this activity. The point cloud file is produced carefully, resulting in highly reliable data to support 3D modeling.  

This way, we minimize the time spent on traditional surveying, and expansion/modification projects are carried out with greater precision, reliability and tracking. 

Knowledge Portal

Intertechne developed the Knowledge Portal, a tool that allows employees to share best practices, technologies and professional experiences. 

This Portal allows for optimized integration of Lessons Learned into design or construction management in order to enhance implementation in future projects. 

Internal Innovation HUB

In 2024, Intertechne implemented an internal innovation HUB in order to structure ongoing and future internal innovation projects within systems dynamics. With this HUB, the idea is to accelerate the development of innovation projects associated with the company’s activities or bring new services associated with these same activities to the market. 

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