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We believe that a quality work is the result of an excellent project. For this reason, our engineers work focused on thoroughly analyzing all the variables that may impact on the quality, delivery schedule and cost reduction of a project. This religious zeal that we have with each new project translates into more sustainable, safe and economical works. 

Technical Due Diligence

Evaluating Green or Brownfield assets requires experience and agility. Intertechne's technical staff is qualified to carry out the necessary technical assessments in a Due Diligence process in all specialties involved. Having a comprehensive team of professionals from different engineering specialties is our differential advantage.

Feasibility and Inventory Studies

The initial phases of studying infrastructure projects are fundamental in their future design. In these phases, highly experienced professionals are allocated in order to incorporate lessons learned, the ability to incorporate new solutions using the updated technology available. This is how we do it at Intertechne, without a well-designed start, any subsequent study will be hampered.

Basic and Executive Project of Infrastructure Works

Engineering projects in the various phases of development and maturity of project implementation - Basic or Executive for Construction and Assembly, are a systematic approach to conceiving, planning and executing the creation or modification of systems, products or processes, using scientific and technical principles to meet specific requirements for the implementation of a project. Therefore, experience and training are fundamental differentials, which Intertechne has incorporated throughout its history in various infrastructure sectors.

Hydroelectric Plant Modernization and Repowering Projects

Modernization, repowering or rehabilitation works of plants present particular challenges, such as not interrupting the operation of generating units, or minimizing the downtime of generating units undergoing modernization, aiming for greater efficiency in energy production. The modernization strategy takes into account risks, costs and performance of each renewal option, including analysis of the plant's historical operation, maintenance data, design data, site surveys and energy market analysis. Intertechne has considerable experience in the rehabilitation of hydroelectric plants and uses its extensive experience in greenfield projects in the segment as a differential for the client.

Dam Safety Plan and Emergency Action Plan

Intertechne has been responsible for several contracts in the dam safety field, aiming to comply with legislation and safety standards, disseminating good practices and keeping them in good operating conditions. With experience in large-, medium- and small-sized projects, the company brings comprehensive experience to this segment as a differentiator.

Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) and Preparation of Environmental Impact Reports (RIMA)

Intertechne has experience and coordinators specialized in the environmental area, with a strong capacity to mobilize specialists in the various specialties and disciplines on the matter. We have the best specialists in the areas of Physical and Biotic Environment, Socio-Economics, Social Communication, and other disciplines necessary to adequately address environmental issues.

Knowing the Project in detail and the best construction sequence, or assembly, is the key to a successful Management. Intertechne effectively uses its design expertise to plan and manage the implementation of enterprises. Understanding the logistics of inputs and materials, their application times, weather conditions, equipment and labor productivity, in addition to the use of planning and control tools are essential to ensure the successful implementation of any project. 

Management – Planning and Control of Construction and Assembly Services

Infrastructure works management involves the planning, coordination and supervision of all activities necessary to ensure the efficient and successful performance of infrastructure construction and development projects, spanning from conception to completion. This includes managing resources, schedules, budgets and ensuring compliance with standards and regulations. Intertechne, with its extensive experience incorporated throughout its history in various infrastructure sectors, is able to offer quality services in this segment.

Technical and commercial equalization, acquisition and logistics of materials and equipment for energy and infrastructure works

Intertechne, with its extensive management and project experience, incorporated throughout its history in various infrastructure sectors, is able to offer quality services in this segment.

Assembly Supervision and Commissioning Coordination of industrial facilities and infrastructure

Intertechne, with its extensive management and project experience, incorporated throughout its history in various infrastructure sectors, is able to offer quality services in this segment.

Technical Assistance for the Construction Site

Technical Assistance for the Construction Site Intertechne has extensive experience in technical support on construction sites with our clients, incorporated throughout its history in various infrastructure sectors, in Brazil and abroad, thus being able to offer quality services in this segment.

Our vast experience in energy generation projects has led us to diversify our operations and today we are investing resources in new business models such as the development of projects in the areas of renewable energy. 

In this model, we operate from end to end, that is, from economic feasibility studies, to effective implementation, including attracting investors interested in the execution of projects. Our deep experience in consultative engineering ensures security in both technical and economic aspects. In this way, we generate greater solidity in the return on investments.

Bidding Process Support

The full mastery and knowledge acquired as a Designer and Manager of infrastructure works throughout its entire career, broadly enable Intertechne to operate in this segment, providing the technical support required.

Integration Engineering and Commissioning

Well-done Design and Specification do not guarantee the installation or assembly of the various systems. The differences between what is specified and what is purchased require physical and functional integration for the systems to effectively operate as expected. Such integration requires specific experience and extensive knowledge of the application of materials and characteristics of the most diverse equipment. Intertechne has a team of experts that can ensure their correct integration and functionality. Another critical activity, Commissioning Coordination requires meticulous planning and strong interface coordination. Intertechne is capable and has already participated in numerous successful plant commissioning operations. By paying attention to details and mastering the knowledge of the various systems involved and interrelated, we can collaborate in this important phase of the project.

Construction Supervision

Knowledge of standards, legislation, tests, construction methods, equipment, etc., are fundamental in supervision activities. Intertechne has a team and monitoring tools for the performance of works, which ensure proper application of materials, as well as the quality and quantity of contracted services. In addition to the control and monitoring of executive planning, we offer a complete solution for Construction Supervision. The company offers experience in this segment built on services in Brazil and abroad.

Equipment Manufacturing Inspection

Manufacturing Inspection involves the processes of planning and executing the verification of the suitability of equipment, or manufactured materials, to the contract specifications, through inspection at the supplier's premises and/or sub-suppliers. Intertechne has extensive experience in these activities in Brazil and abroad, in handling diversified infrastructure contracts.

Contract Management

Contract management involves knowledge of legal and technical aspects and multiple experiences. Intertechne, throughout its history, has participated in numerous projects, sometimes as engineering for the builder or supplier of equipment, sometimes as engineering for the owner, as well as in Due Diligence processes as Technical Advisors. The exercise of these different roles, added to the qualification of its technical staff, allows it to offer the market a complete Contract Management service, whether for the acquisition of equipment or for the complete implementation of a project.

Owner’s Engineering

The full mastery and knowledge acquired as a Designer throughout its career, largely enables Intertechne to act as Owner's Engineering. Knowledge of Technical Standards and permanent technological updating allows Intertechne to contribute to ensuring the correct performance of projects and works. Counting on our expertise in this area can be an important differential in the success of your venture. The company offers experience in this segment built on services in Brazil and abroad.

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