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Intertechne is at the forefront at gas liquefaction.

Intertechne at the forefront of the Natural Gas Liquefaction (LNG) plant project in Barra Bonita-PR

Intertechne is at the forefront of the construction project of the Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant (GNL) in Barra Bonita, in Paraná. “We are responsible for the basic, executive, execution in civil works project, electromechanical supply and assembly of the entire infrastructure of the Plant”, highlights the responsible of the Management Unit – DUGE of Intertechne, Mechanic Engineer Fernando Prado Rocha.

With a team of approximately 40 professionals, between direct and indirect labor, Intertechne shows its capability in a crucial segment for the country’s energy future. ‘It´s a challenge, a new project, our goal is to meet costumer expectations, with quality and security, and thus establish a lasting partnership”, says Prado, adding that the delivery forecast is expected for July this year.

In adding to representing a alternative modal for the flow of Natural Gas, the plant of Barra Bonita has the potential to boost the social and economic development of the region, in addition to promoting diversification of Paraná’s energy matrix.

ANP authorizes construction of the GNLink new liquefaction unit. Visit the website of ABEGÁS and learn more about the plant: :

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