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Credit: EPBR

‘Elera Renováveis’ recently inaugurated the the largest photovoltaic complex in Brazil, Janaúba, in Minas Gerais. The project has 1,2 MWP and received na investment of R$4 billion.

The project consists of 20 solar parks and occupies an area of 3,000 hectares, the equivalent of 4,300 football fields. In total, 2,2 million photovoltaics modules were installed.

Intertechne was responsible by executive civil and electromechanic designs of Parque, with BIM modelling and eventual fields follow-ups (ATO). Besides this project, INTT was responsible for the ‘UFVs Sol do Cerrado’, which have a capacity of 766 MWp, and the UFV Alex, with capacity of 360 MWp.

The first phase of Janaúba’s wnt into operation last year and the rest was being connected to the system throughout the first half of 2023.The biggest part of the complex of energy is destined to free market.

Check the list of the 10 largest solar plants in operation in Brazil:

1 – Janaúba

Usina solar fotovoltaica Janaúba 2 da Elera Renováveis em Minas Gerais
Elera Renováveis Janaúba 2 photovoltaic solar plant in Minas Gerais
  • Capacity: 1,2 GWp
  • Investment: R$4 billion
  • Company: Elera Renováveis
  • Location: Janaúba (MG)

2 – São Gonçalo

Enel inicia operação de segunda expansão do maior complexo solar da América Latina. Na imagem: Parque solar São Gonçalo III (256 MW), capaz de gerar, sozinho, 597 GWh anualmente no Piauí (Foto: Divulgação/Enel)
São Gonçalo III (256 MW) solar Park will be able to generate, alone, annually 597 GWh in Piauí (Picture: Divulgation/Enel)
  • Capacity: 864 MWp
  • Investmen:R$ 2,2 billion
  • Company: Enel Green Power
  • Location: São Gonçalo do Gurguéia (PI)

3 – Futura

Eneva recebe autorização para iniciar operação comercial do Complexo Solar Futura 1. Na imagem: Complexo Solar Futura 1, operado pela Eneva com capacidade de 837 MWp, em Juazeiro, na Bahia (Foto: Divulgação)
Eneva receives autorization to iniciate comercial operation of Complexo Solar Futura 1 (Picture: Divulgation)
  • Capacity: 837 MWp
  • Investment: R$3,2 million
  • Company: Eneva
  • Location: Juazeiro (BA)

4 – Sol do Cerrado

Usina solar Sol do Cerrado da Vale
Solar plant Sol do Cerrado da Vale
  • Capacity:  766 MWp
  • Investment: R$ 3 billion
  • Company: Vale
  • Location: Jaíba (MG)

5 – Lar do Sol

  • Capacity: 495 MWp
  • Investment: R$ 1,6 billion
  • Company: Powertis (Elecnor/Atlas)
  • Location: Pirapora (MG)

6 – Sol do Sertão

Usina solar fotovoltaica Sol do Sertão da Essentia Energia
Photovoltaic solar plant Sol do Sertão of Essentia Energy
  • Capacity: 475 MWp
  • Investment: R$ 1,4 billion
  • Company: Essentia Energia
  • Location: Oliveira dos Brejinhos (BA)

7 – Pirapora

  • Capacity: 400 MWp
  • Investiment: R$ 2 billion
  • Company: EDF Renewables/Omega Energia
  • Location: Pirapora (MG)

8 – Alex

  • Capacity: 360 MWp
  • Investment: R$ 950 million
  • Company: Elera Renováveis
  • Location: Tabuleiro do Norte e Limoeiro do Norte (CE)

9 – Serra do Mel 1 e 2

Usina solar fotovoltaica Serra do Mel da Voltalia (Foto: Divulgação)
Photovoltaic solar plant Serra do Mel da Voltalia (Picture: Divulgation)
  • Capacity: 320 MWp
  • Investment: n/d
  • Company: Voltalia
  • Location: Serra do Mel e Areia Branca (RN)

10 – Coremas

Usina solar fotovoltaica Coremas
Coremas Photovoltaic solar plant
  • Capacity: 312 MWp
  • Investment: R$ 482 million
  • Company: Rio Alto, European Energy, Danish Climate Investment Fund e Nordic Power
  • Location: Coremas (PB)

Credit: EPBR

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