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On this last Tuesday (12), on the headquarters of Intertechne, in Curitiba, the launch of the HUB of the company’s innovation. The project, that will act as an intern catalyst to attract ideas that can transform in innovation projects, will accompany the tendencies on the market and possible synergies that will allow the engagement in new services or products, aligned with our goals.

“It was a mark. With this event, we will try to rescue this innovative atmosphere in our employees and in the company. I believe we have taken an important step today in the history of INTT. But we can’t stop by here, we need to go further! Leaving the field of ideasand making them come true”, says Paulo Akashi, CEO of Intertechne.

Innovation on Business: success requires attention and caution

Early in the morning, Marlon Cardoso, innovation coordinator of the Vale do Pinhão Ecosystem – innovation ecosystem to promote Smart City actions, gave the lecture “The cost and power of innovating”, where he commented on the importance of changing thinking on the companies and how it’s essential to observe the opportunities and make something different and useful.

“It is necessary to integrate the innovation in the organizational culture from the base to the leadership. Innovation should not be an afterthought, but rather a fundamental component in all aspects of the business”, comments Cardoso.

The representative of Vale do Pinhão also analysed emblematics cases in companies that failed to keep up with innovations in market changes. Examples include Blackberry, Blockbuster, Kodak, among other companies that have failed to adapt to the new era.

In addition, he ranked He classified the companies approaches to innovation, highlighting the importance of a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem, which invests in research and development, without leaving aside the active relationship with the market and innovation partners.

“Marlon highlighted the critical importance of business innovation and how the companies can avoid failure by adopting an innovative mindset. By investing in innovation and building strong relationships, companies can position to the long-term success in an ever-changing business environment”, resumed Carlos Infante Teixeira, Director of Business and Market Development and one of the creators of the event.

The AI Era: How Companies are Transforming their Business

Continuing the programming, representatives of Azuris and Bindflow – startups linked to innovation and Ais – made a presentation about the moment in the world: the Artificial Intelligence.

Focused on enterprise use, Alessandro Binhara (Azuris) and Jeferson Passos (Bindflow), highlighted the potential of artificial intelligence to transform business and and improve operational efficiencies “Companies are increasingly focused on implementing AI strategies to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market. With a structure and focused approach, it is possible to reap the benefits of AI and boost the business growth”, emphasized Passos in his opening remarks.

In a quick introduction about the Ais, Bindflow showed to those present some technological tendencies for years to come according to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. Check:

– Exponential growth in processing capacity is driving advancements in AI and machine learning.

– Forecast that by 2030, 80% of humans will be engaged with intelligent robbots daily.

– Automation of backoffice activities from 3 to 5 years with AI, drastically reducing the time of processing.

processamento de dados.

Next, Azuris demonstrated some success cases that the companies have participated in in a few years involving AI. Check:

Uninter – reduced student dropout by 400% by implementing personalized retention actions based on data analysis.

RD Station – constructed a data lake to integrate operations and utilize machine learning on treatment of 20.000 leads by day, increasing efficiency of its marketing companies.

At the end of apresentations, the professionals brought some provocations to those presents. “It’s necessary that you clearly identify the problems or opportunities before applicate AI, avoiding unnecessary investments. It is essential an internal mapping and external support to ensure focused and efficient implementations. And, finally, priorize the efficient implementation of solutions, avoiding too many ideas and too little applicability”, said Passos.

Wrapping up the event, Leticia Rodrigues, New Business specialist publicist and responsible by HUB, had an encouragement speak to those presents. “We are starting a journey here that must be taken with great caution. Even with this calm, we can not stop dreaming. How far can we get? Think about what we can become, and little by little, we will get there!

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