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In the beginning of April, Intertechne had the pleasure of hosting at our headquarters in Curitiba/Brazil, Alessandro Scherino and Federico Bisci, civil engineers from SPERI, an Italian company renowned for its projects in the Water Energy and Infrastructure sectors. SPERI’s team worked side by side with Intertechne’s engineers to enhance our capabilities of simulating complex problems using finite elements, considering parameters related to high seismic zones.

The training utilized the cutting-edge numerical analysis software DIANA FEA, which is incorporated into several Intertechne projects as a tool to ensure technical excellence.

Regarding the experience, engineer Gustavo Bochi commented: “With the with the growing role of Intertechne in projects located in highly  seismic zones, there is a need to implement sophisticated studies for proper structural design. The theoretical and practical mastery demonstrated by engineers Alessandro and Federico allowed us to deepen our understanding of the complexity of analyses.”

Beyond the technical impact, this exchange of experiences directly contributes to the professional growth of Intertechne’s engineers. Engineer Leonardo Simioni shared: “In my opinion, the work with SPERI brought unexpected personal growth. I encountered a new culture, met new people, shared memories, and knowledge. Additionally, I managed to overcome a language barrier that I had struggled with throughout my life. From an intellectual standpoint, the learning exceeded expectations—both regarding the software and the topic of Dynamic Analysis. Both SPERI professionals presented the subject with complete theoretical foundations, normative references, and bibliographic clarity. I absorbed 100% of the content delivered during the 7-day course. The experience surpassed our initial expectations and achieved all team objectives.”

For one of the key figures behind this initiative, the Technical Director of the Water and Energy Unit, Engineer Roberto Bertol, the event was a success. “On behalf of Intertechne, I would like to express our gratitude to the engineers from SPERI for their dedication during the training, as well as to the DIANA FEA team for the support provided throughout the work sessions. This collaboration reinforces the commitment of both companies to technical excellence and continuous professional development”, concluded.

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