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Las week, Intertechne’s engineering team participate of an intensive training focused on the development of the projects in areas prone to seismic events. The curse, held over by two days, brought together experts from DUAE and DUMI and was taught by Argentine Dr. Frederico Pinto, from the University of Córdoba.

Dr. Federico Pinto

Among the participants, were the engineers Carolina Cittadin, Gustavo Bochi de Oliveira, Bianca Generoso, Edson José Amaral Junior, Rodrigo Contreras, Alessandra Lidia Mazon, Alex Calcina, Pedro Thá, Rafael Anibele, Eduardo Muget e Cleyton Stresser da Silva, representing different areas of activity within Intertechne.

The main objective of the training was to stablish essential criteria and methodologies for the safe development of projects in regions susceptible to seismic events. This included training to design and verify concrete structures, earth-riprap and mixed dams, ensuring the safety and efficiency of these structures in the face of possible seismic shocks.

“The importance of this course is highlighted by the scarcity of seismic records in Brazil and in intraplate regions. Nevertheless, Intertechne’s participation in international projects and the adoption of new approaches in the mining area made it essential to update the team’s procedures and requirements, in accordance with international standards.”, said Civil Engineer Alex Calcina in an interview after the end of the seminar.

At the end of the course, the participants highlighted the relevance of the content covered and its practical applicability in Intertechne’s projects. “Federico’s expertise was fundamental to enrich the debates and contribute with different perspectives to the topic in question, especially in studies related to dams, nuclear power plant structures and buildings”, commented Calcina. The training served as a initial mark for knowledge consolidation in seismic projects within the company, training both the Structure and Geotecnics areas.

With this, Intertechne reaffirms its commitment to technical excellence and the constant updating of its team to face complex challenges and ensure the safety and efficiency of its projects worldwide.

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