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Recognized as one of the largest Engineering companies in Brazil (Valor Econômico 2023), Intertechne begins 2024 with a branch established in the city of Houston, Texas, aimed at offering engineering services to the petrochemical segment in the region.

With more than 35 years in the engineering market, Intertechne has extensive experience in consulting, design and management of large-scale construction and assembly works. In its portfolio, the company has several global clients linked to the petrochemical and oil and gas industry, such as Petrobras and Braskem.

History that reflects on quality

Intertechne’s track record includes major projects in the Petrochemical and Oil & Gas segments, such as the Campos Basin and the expansion of ethylene production for Braskem.

The Campos Basin (learn the history) is responsible for a large part of Brazil’s oil production, contributing significantly to energy self-sufficiency and the export of oil and oil products, generating jobs, wealth and a lot of development.

As for Braskem, one of the behemoths in the petrochemical industry, the company has recently decided to expand the Ethene production plant in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (learn more about the project), and hired Intertechne to develop the project. The work involved a multidisciplinary team of specialized Intertechne engineers in various areas, such as process engineering, piping, civil, electrical, instrumentation, industrial automation and project automation.

Discover our Houston office

Intertechne USA is located at 12848 Queensburry Ln, 208, Houston, TX. More information can be found at Interested in our services? Contact us!

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