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The exploration of pre-salt layers in Brazil resulted in a significant increase in national oil production along two decades and brought with it the development of specific technologies to face the challenges of oil exploration in deep waters. A demonstration of this advance is the transformation of Brazil into an exporter of highly sophisticated equipment for the extraction of oil in deep waters, such as, for example, Wet Christmas Trees (WCT).

Wet Christmas Trees are subsea devices fixed in well openings on the sea floor. These equipments control the flow of oil and conduct it to the surface. This type of technology entered in the list of export products from Brazil due to the innovations developed by multinationals to adapt them to the complexities of the pre-salt layer, where well depths can exceed 7,000 meters.

The export of equipment and services globally demonstrate the capacity and competitiveness of the oil and gas value chain installed in Brazil.

Intertechne, a company with more than 35 years in the engineering market, has in its portfolio clients linked to the petrochemical industry and pre-salt layer exploration, such as Petrobras and Braskem. In addition, the company has a Business Unit dedicated to the Oil and Gas/Petrochemical industry, with a team of more than 200 professionals allocated in three of the company’s offices in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Porto Alegre, these cities, which constitute important centers of the sector’s value chain in Brazil.

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