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Intertechne Consultores starts 2021 with new organizational structure

2021 has barely started, but it has already brought about several changes in Intertechne’s organizational structure. With the transfer of Lourenço Babá (former CEO of the company) to INTERPART, the holding company of Intertechne, Paulo Akashi was named the new president.

Akashi worked in the business development area of the company from 2005 to 2020. Since 2013, he served as director of new business development. “I am very honored by the invitation of the Board of Directors to occupy the position of President of Intertechne and Sistechne, and I am grateful for the trust placed in me. We have a very special legacy left by founding partners and that needs to be preserved. Perhaps the biggest one is the importance of people in an engineering company like ours and this is certainly not going to change in my management. People will continue to be our driving force, but we also need to permanently reinvent ourselves in our management processes and in the technologies used, because only in this way will we make Intertechne an increasingly competitive company in the global engineering scenarioofengineering”, Akashi comments.

Among Paulo’s objectives for the new position are the continuous increase in the recognition of Intertechne as a company of excellence in consultative engineering and the realization of investments in cutting-edge technologies in order to increase the performance of the solutions developed. “Intertechne has a strong recognition in the Water and Energy segment, and for the next few years we must expand our operations in the Infrastructure and Oil & Gas segments. In addition, we have invested in renewable energy matrix projects. We will do all of this using technology to our advantage. Today we have at our disposal methodologies such as BIM, which undoubtedly improve the quality of the services delivered to our customers”, concludes Paulo.

With the promotion of Paulo Akashi, Carlos Infante Teixeira takes over as Director of Business Development. “We are focusing our attention on further strengthening Intertechne’s  relations with its customers and new customers, especially at a time when there is a greater demand for brownfield works, where we can expand the spectrum of services to these customers”, highlights Carlos.

Infante also comments that the focus is to maintain Intertechne’s positioning as a company of excellence in consultative engineering in the segments and regions in which it already operates and to conquer new markets.

In relation to investments in renewable energies, Infante states that there is a natural change of society and  companies, with great receptivity to them. Intertechne started investing in renewable energy projects 4 years ago, because it understood that this was a path with no return from the market.

Another change was the appointment of Francisco Vilas Boas to the position of director of the Oil & Gas business unit, former position of Infante. Francisco will lead the dedicated and specialized team to work on Onshore and Offshore projects.

UFV Bandeirantes
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UFV Bandeirantes starts operations in Paraná

Last Monday, 03/01, the Solar Complex of Bandeirantes, in the State of Paraná, started operating. The project was implemented by Sistechne, an energy solutions integrator of the Intertechne group, which was responsible for managing the supply of equipment, civil works and assembly. In addition to working on the plant’s implementation, the Intertechne group participated as an investor, associated with COPEL-G&T, at Solar Paraná GD Participações.

Initially, the plant is operating with 3 MWp and, this year, it is expected to expand, making the total installed capacity reach 5.36 MWp (megawatt-peak). In the end, UFV Bandeirantes will produce enough energy to supply the needs of approximately 10,000 people.

This project was built within a business model called “distributed generation” (GD), where consumers rent energy generation plants, which in turn compensate for the energy they consume in their activities. As a result, the energy used from photovoltaic sources is offset in the electric power bill, allowing for a reduction in electric power costs.

For Paulo Akashi, Intertechne´s CEO, this is an important step for the future of photovoltaic energy in Paraná: “The transition from traditional to renewable energy matrices has been happening in a natural way for some years, and Intertechne has evolved in this direction and is now prepared to meet this demand.

This investment in a photovoltaic plant aimed at distributed generation, is an important milestone in the use of renewables in Paraná, and confirms the advantages that the remote distributed generation model can bring to companies, in the management of their costs with electric power”, comments Paulo.

The Solar Complex of Bandeirantes, which is 100 km from Londrina, occupies a total area of 10.35 hectares (size equivalent to almost 10 football fields) and consists of 6,900 photovoltaic plates. Each of them is formed by polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, and these cells are interconnected in series and react with the incidence of sunlight, releasing electrons that are transferred to a circuit inside the solar plate or panel.

“The start-up of this project strengthens the Intertechne Group’s capacity to structure solutions in renewable energies with the same quality in which it delivers projects in other segments. We will continue investing our efforts in conquering even more space in this market, generating value for those involved and aligned with the best ESG principles”, reinforces Akashi.

The distributed generation market (MMGD) is constantly expanding in the country, and according to ANEEL (Brazil National Electric Energy Agency), today there are more than 200 thousand photovoltaic generating units connected to the grid in Brazil, with around 2.3 GW in capacity, which in June last year was only 1 GW.

UHE Ilha Solteira
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Intertechne, a consultative engineering company, in collaboration with CTG Brasil – China Three Gorges Corporation (owner of the plant concession), GE and SEPCO-1, is responsible for the largest hydroelectric plants´s dam modernization project in the country, at Ilha Solteira and Jupiá HPPs.

Inaugurated in the late 60s and early 70s, Jupiá HPPs with installed capacity of 1,551 MW and Ilha Solteira with installed capacity of 3,444 MW, both located on the Paraná River, are undergoing renovations and equipment changes, due to the its operating time. According to Paulo Akashi, director of business development at Intertechne, the objective of the modernization project is to bring more efficiency in energy production. The activities in the so-called Lot 2 started in May 2018.

“We are developing the entire project for the Electrical Installations, Fire Hydrant Systems, Protection System, Hydromechanics, as well as all the integration, physical interface and electrical interconnections of the generating units and electromechanical auxiliary services belonging to Lot 2 of this modernization plan. We can also highlight the Field Assistance services for both plants and all material management work (cables, cable routes, lighting) up to the connection design on the final equipment. More than 200 km of cables”, emphasizes Paulo.

A project of this size and complexity presents several challenges, among which: not interrupting the operation of the generating units, or minimizing the downtime of the generating units in modernization and integrating companies from different countries and cultures. “Capturing reality on a job, in operation for 40 years, to integrate with the new projects and still meet the safety requirements to work on a job that is operating at full speed is not an easy task”, points out José Pinheiro, Intertechne´s director of water and energy. Also according to Pinheiro, this project contributed so that Intertechne could further explore the opportunities related to the modernization of plants. 

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Montegrande Dam, an enterprise of the National Institute of Water Resources (INDRHI), which is being built on the River Yaque del Sur, in the province of Barahona – Dominican Republic, is another new challenge for Intertechne Consultores. Hired by Construtora Andrade Gutierrez, Intertechne is responsible for the Optimized Basic Design and also for the Executive Design of all the structures that make up the multiple development of Montegrande, which includes a dam, spillway, bottom discharger, valve house and emergency spillway.

Montegrande was designed with the objective of preventing floods, promoting ecotourism and guaranteeing water supply in a region that, in addition to being one of the poorest in the Dominican Republic, also has strong agricultural potential. In addition, the design is expected to generate electric power in the future (installed capacity of 18MW). Its dam is 2165 m in length and 55 m in maximum height, with a damming capacity of 389 million cubic meters of water. Construction began in February 2018 and the delivery review is for April 2021. According to Mônica Carvalho, manager responsible for Montegrande, this project is very challenging, considering the characteristics of the region.

“The main challenge is certainly the design of the asphalt core dam with a plinth supported by a diaphragm wall. Today, in the world, there are only two dams with characteristics similar to this one. In addition, the geological condition of the Montegrande dam foundation, composed of sandy alluvium, soft rocks and located in a region of high seismicity, makes the project a unique challenge”.

The dam also has an emergency system in case unexpected floods occur. “Another interesting structure that is being designed in Montegrande is an emergency spillway, like a fuse dike, which breaks with the occurrence of exceptional floods, exceeding the capacity of the planned discharge devices (bottom discharger and spillway)”, points out Mônica.

”Being able to participate in the implementation of this dam solution, previously unheard of for Intertechne, and to monitor its behavior during and after filling the reservoir, is undoubtedly a great privilege for our team. Without a doubt, this project will enrich our know-how in highly complex projects in the Water and Energy segment”, concludes Mônica.

PCH Tamboril
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Today is a special day for our team. We are proud of yet another successful energy generation project that we had the opportunity to design.

We participated in the inauguration event of Tamboril SPH, an important project in the state of Goiás, in which we were designers of 100% of the enterprise with an installed capacity of 16 MW.

We congratulate Tradener group, not only for the beautiful work opened today, but also for the achievement of 3 more official installation licenses, and we are honored to know that we will also participate in the history of these 3 future enterprises: Gameleira SHP, São Bartolomeu SHP and Salgado SHP.

Projects like this represent a huge step for the electric power sector and for the state of Goiás, which together with Tradener are working to increase energy generation in the state.

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Intertechne Consultores has just launched its new website and this time the platform has undergone significant changes that involve everything from a more attractive graphic interface to content that has become more robust. According to Paulo Akashi, director of business development at Intertechne, the new website is an important piece in a comprehensive content marketing strategy that began to be designed in the second half of 2019. The objective is to reinforce the Intertechne brand in the digital environment, positioning the company as a global player in the consultative engineering segment.

“Intertechne is an internationally renowned company and, in recent years, has been updating itself to offer even more solutions to its customers. We changed our strategy and started working more proactively, looking for new players in the sector and reaching new markets. On our website, people will be positively surprised and realize that Intertechne is a cutting edge company, says Akashi”.

According to Paulo, the new website is a dynamic platform, easy to navigate and with interconnected contents that facilitate the understanding of complex subjects. “The website presents the company’s corporate profile, with Intertechne’s main differentials, an improved presentation of the project portfolio, a clear view of each of the company’s business areas. Sections were also created to present the company’s main leaderships, corporate governance and innovation policies.

”The new website together with the content production actions that we have carried out on our social networks aims to reinforce Intertechne’s positioning, demonstrating the strength of our brand not only in areas where we are traditionally recognized, but also in new business areas”, reinforces Paulo.

The new version of the website will also feature a news session, in which the user will be able to follow the update of relevant information about the company and the engineering sector. Among the great news of the website is that it has the implementation of responsive technology, that is, all content is entirely adapted for navigation on various screens, from PCs to smartphones. “This feature will allow better performance in rendering pages, in addition to making the user experience much more practical and interactive”, concludes Paulo Akashi.

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